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Spread Trader

Spread Trader is designed to revolutionize your investment strategies. Our platform employs a simultaneous trading approach, enabling investors to buy one security while selling a related security—a tactic known as relative value trading. This method is geared towards leveraging the price differential between these correlated securities to yield profits.

Key Features:
  • Multi-Asset Class Platform: An award-winning electronic trading solution equipped with a sophisticated rules-based matching engine and customizable front-end interface.
  • Flexible Leverage Provides traders with leverage similar to the futures market, empowering them to determine trade sizes without the constraints of fixed contract sizes.
  • Extensive Financial Instrument Access: Offers a comprehensive range of financial instruments, particularly in highly liquid markets, while rigorously controlling risks.
  • Electronic Marketplace Hosting: Facilitates the establishment of electronic marketplaces, attracting traders to enhance deal flow and foster dynamic liquidity pools.
  • Comprehensive Order Management: Empowers trading parties to manage orders and execute multilateral trades through tailored interfaces.
  • Market Insights: Provides brokers with a holistic view of marketplace activities, facilitating informed decision-making on behalf of clients.
  • Enhanced Trading Opportunities: Broadens clients’ trading options and accelerates deal executions for increased market share.
  • Supports Hybrid Brokerage Models: Augments voice operations for OTC trading, strengthening client relationships through electronic deal execution options.
  • Precision Risk Management Ensures meticulous risk control across diverse markets and instruments.
  • Competitive Edge Faster deal executions and expanded market share through an array of trading choices.
  • Client Relationship Fortification Supports a hybrid brokerage model, enhancing client relationships by offering electronic deal execution alternatives.

Discover the power of Spread Trader—a comprehensive solution that enhances your investment potential and trading capabilities.

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