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All-in-One SNAP CRM for Brokers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a crucial area that can help differentiate your brokerage from others and play a vital role for financial success.

SNAP Broker CRM is a comprehensive platform that consolidates all client-related data, reports, and analytics in a single platform. Tailored for brokerages, our platform aims to eliminate complexity and inefficiencies, providing a unified management solution for all facets of your business.

Bridge for MT 4/MT 5

MT4 Bridge is a powerful tool that enables you to clear risk from trading accounts that you cannot hold in-house. We offers suite solution allowing you to optimize advanced A-book execution, risk management, and liquidity aggregation.

Bridge for MT 5

MT5 Bridge is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrate with numerous Liquidity Providers, offering unparalleled flexibility in connecting to preferred liquidity pools. Our proprietary scripted language enables the creation of diverse hedging and risk management algorithms.

Broker Trading System

Snap Trading System, meticulously crafted to empower brokerage houses with cutting-edge technology, elevating your potential for maximum profit.

Our award-winning Broker Trading System is a versatile, multi-asset electronic trading platform featuring a sophisticated rules-based matching engine and a fully customizable front end.

White Label Social Trading

The Snap White Label Social Trading presents a customizable automated trading solution, empowering brokers, investment firms, and entrepreneurs to expand their business scope through automated trading services. Our white label offering preserves your company identity while leveraging our advanced technology.