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Market Data

Market data is a treasure trove of real-time and historical information encompassing orders, trades, and prices across diverse markets and asset classes. It serves as a crucial tool, offering invaluable insights for informed trading decisions and robust risk management strategies.

Explore how our market data solutions can elevate your trading strategies and risk management. Gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic markets!

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive Market Coverage Access real-time market data for major exchanges such as NYSE, Nasdaq, LSE, ICE, CME, KOSPI, and more.
  • Reliable Historical Data Utilize dependable tick data for all major futures and fixed income markets.
  • Real-Time Updates Stay on top of market movements with timely and real-time data, empowering quick responses to price fluctuations.
  • Transparent Market View Accessible to all market participants, ensuring a transparent view of market dynamics for informed decision-making.
  • Comprehensive Overview Data aggregation provides a holistic view, presenting the best bid and ask prices across multiple market venues.
  • Tailored Solutions Customize data to suit specific needs, filtering information for targeted securities or markets.

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