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Broker Trading System

Snap Trading System, meticulously crafted to empower brokerage houses with cutting-edge technology, elevating your potential for maximum profit.

Our award-winning Broker Trading System is a versatile, multi-asset electronic trading platform featuring a sophisticated rules-based matching engine and a fully customizable front end.

This system empowers you to establish an electronic marketplace, attracting traders to boost deal flow and fostering a dynamic liquidity pool.

Recognizing the reliance of brokers and clients on voice-trading relationships, BTS is ingeniously designed to enhance your voice operations, enabling a hybrid brokerage model for OTC trading. This facilitates strengthening client relationships while offering electronic deal execution as an option.

Equipping your trading parties with the capability to view, post, and manage orders, BTS facilitates multilateral trading within your marketplace through a tailored interface. Moreover, it provides brokers with a comprehensive overview of marketplace activity, empowering informed decision-making on behalf of clients.

With BTS, expand your clients’ trading options and expedite deal execution, gaining the competitive edge necessary to bolster your market share.

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