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Bridge for MT 5

MT5 Bridge is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrate with numerous Liquidity Providers, offering unparalleled flexibility in connecting to preferred liquidity pools. Our proprietary scripted language enables the creation of diverse hedging and risk management algorithms.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Advanced Trading Features: Unlock advanced functionalities to elevate your trading operations and to execute trades with ease and precision.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Easily deploy and adapt the bridge to your trading environment and specific needs.
  • Direct Access to Tier 1 Liquidity Connect directly to Tier 1 liquidity sources for enhanced trading and enabling you to execute trades with confidence.
  • Web-Based Bridge Manager Application access a user-friendly interface to configure bridge parameters, generate reports, and view real-time market prices with market depth streamed from connected sources.
  • Customizable Hedging and Risk Management Algorithms Leverage scripted language capabilities to create tailored risk management strategies to tailor to your specific requirements.

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Our bridge solution caters to the diverse needs of brokers worldwide, ensuring satisfaction and optimal performance.