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Bridge for MT 4/MT 5

MT4 Bridge is a powerful tool that enables you to clear risk from trading accounts that you cannot hold in-house. We offers suite solution allowing you to optimize advanced A-book execution, risk management, and liquidity aggregation

Key Features and Advantages:
  • Advanced Trading Features Empower your trading operations with trading features that enable you to execute trades with ease and precision.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Easy installation and adaptable deployment options that allow you to customize your trading environment to meet your specific needs.
  • Direct Access to Tier 1 Liquidity Connect directly to Tier 1 liquidity sources for enhanced trading and enabling you to execute trades with confidence.
  • Full Integration with MT4 Seamless integration with the MT4 platform for seamless trading experience.
  • Connectivity to Multiple Liquidity Providers Access multiple liquidity sources or price aggregators for diversified trading options to access the best prices available in the market.
  • Flexible A Book and B Book Switching Swiftly switch between A Book and B Book models as per trading requirements and manage your risk effectively
  • Robust Risk Management and Reporting Efficient tools for risk assessment and comprehensive reporting.
  • Fully Customizable Tailor the settings to fit your brokerage’s specific needs and preferences.

Experience streamlined risk management and advanced trading capabilities for your brokerage.

Contact us now to integrate MT4 Bridge and unlock enhanced efficiency and learn more on how it can benefit your brokerage and increase profitability in your trading operations.