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Click Trading Systems

Snap click trading empowers click traders to identify the opportunities quickly and easily by simple intuitive click trade execution.

Our platform empowers users with comprehensive suite of features tailored to enhance efficiency, risk management and strategy execution to optimize your trading activity and achieve your goals.

Key features include:
  • Efficient Order Input Seamlessly input orders swiftly and effortlessly.
  • Intuitive Stop Loss Functionality Intuitive tools for setting stop loss orders enabling you to manage your risk effectively.
  • Real-Time Fill and Position Entries Instantaneous updates on fills and positions in real-time, enabling you to monitor your trading activity and make informed decisions.
  • Highly Customizable Tailor the platform to specific preferences and your trading environment to meet your specific needs.
  • Integration with Pre-Built Algos Seamlessly integrate with pre-existing algorithmic strategies enabling you to execute trades with confidence.
  • Low Latency with Snap OMS Integration Our platform is integrated with SnapOMS to deliver low latency, enabling you to execute trades with speed and precision.

In addition, our platform provides the following features:

  • Streaming Quote Functionality with User-Defined Strategy and Safety Settings
  • Electronic Eye Functionality Supporting View Only and Automatic Execution
  • Auto-Hedging Strategies to Manage Risk Efficiently.
  • Create Visual and Audio Alerts based on Custom Rules.
  • Real-Time Risk Management to monitor Greeks, Conduct Scenario Analysis and Drop Copy features.
  • Wide Range of Out of the Box Models for Setting of Vol and Skew Curves.
  • Supports Multiple Regions and Venues.
  • Position Management and Reconciliation Tools.
  • Supports Multiple Order Types.
  • Custom Apps Available Through App Store or Professional Services.
  • Customizable Layouts Allowing Users to Optimize Workflow.
  • Platform Designed for Performance and Tuned for Deployment.
  • Fully Functional API that enable Programmatic Access and Seamless Automation of Trading Strategies.

Elevate your trading capabilities with Click Trading!

Contact us now to harness the power of intuitive, high-performance trading and experience an enhanced level of control and efficiency in your trading strategies.