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Trading Solution

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SNAP INNOVATION have a high-performance server-based system supporting automated, algorithmic, and click trading strategies. Metro provides extensive execution and risk management functionality as well as a full suite of options pricing and modelling tools.

Click Trading Systems

Snap click trading empowers click traders to identify the opportunities quickly and easily by simple intuitive click trade execution.

Key features include:
– Easy and fast order input.
– Intuitive stop loss functionality.
– Real-time fill and position entries.

Spread Trader

Experience the industry standard for cross-exchange and inter-product trading of futures, options, cryptocurrencies and more.

Try the most profitable way to trade; cross-exchanges and inter-product trading of futures, options, cryptocurrencies and more

Algo System

We  hosts the widest algorithmic trading competitions, diversifying the marketplace for automated trading systems. Competition winners are connected to capital.

We offer advanced algorithmic trading system. Since our algo system can scanning and executing on multiple indicators at the same time with incredible speed, traders can seize the opportunities more than ever.

Exchange Gateways

We offer multiple low latency exchange gateways to traders and brokers including order routing, real-time market data.