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Who are we?

Snap Innovations is a leading technology company specializing in artificial intelligence, financial trading, and technology solutions.


Established in 2011, Snap Innovations began as an independent technology company, providing dynamic trading solutions for investment professionals. Our clients include banks, brokers, hedge funds, proprietary traders, and other technology vendors. We have global clients based in Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Dubai, and India.

Change the world

Today’s financial trading markets is a battle arena where only the fastest, fittest and most technologically fitted companies can attain consistent and strong profitability.

We are on a mission to discover new technologies and new ways to doing things. We want to make the world a better place through our advancements in Artificial Intelligence and contributions in many areas.

We are willing to listen and contribute to projects related to Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, BlockChain and Life Sciences. These are areas that are deeply related to how we would like to contribute to the world and bring a better future.

Trade ahead of the Curve