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Customer Support Engineer

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Full Time

Customer Support Engineer will serve as the direct link between Snap Innovations and its customers. They offer assistance and guidance to customers through phone, a typed-chat client and email. In addition, customer support engineer provide technical assistance and deal with account related issues via phone. The ideal candidate is an experienced customer support engineer who is very organized, with excellent customer service skills, as well as excellent written and verbal communications skills.

Job Scope 
• Assist customers with inquiries and issues relating to products and customer accounts via a chat-based client, phone, and email
• Investigate and follow up on inquiries / issues and respond / resolve in the most efficient manner possible
• Perform data entry and order processing functions
• Provide information to customers on Snap Innovation products related issues, account status, transactions, and billing issues
• Other duties as assigned
• Shift hours and days may vary as the customer service department is open 24 hours per day, 5 days per week

Job Requirements 
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Mandarin
• Previous customer service experience
• Excellent troubleshooting skills
• Strong motivation and high level of commitment
• Excellent teamwork skills
• Able to work independently
• Strong multi-tasking ability
• Experience working with confidential customer account information
• Strong knowledge of Windows-based and Linux-based operating systems
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office, or equivalent tools
• Able to deal with customer issues over a range of channels
• Advanced typing skills
• Successful criminal background check may be required if allowed by local law

• A passion for high frequency trading
• Additional language proficiencies as Korean or Japanese

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