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Broker Trading System

We built Snap Trading System to empower brokerage houses with our superior technology. Our powerful and fully customizable broker trading system will maximize your profit.

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Our Broker Trading System is an award-winning, multi-asset class electronic trading platform with a sophisticated rules-based matching engine and customisable front end.

The system enables you to host an electronic marketplace where you can attract traders to increase deal flow and create a dynamic liquidity pool.

As many brokers and their clients rely on voice-trading relationships, the BTS is designed to enhance your voice operations to facilitate a hybrid brokerage model for OTC trading, helping you to strengthen your client relationships with the option for electronic deal execution.

The system gives your trading parties the ability to view, post, and manage orders, as well as trade multilaterally through your marketplace via your own customisable interface. It also gives you, the broker, a comprehensive view of the activity on your marketplace and empowers you to act on behalf of your clients.

With the BTS, you can offer your clients more choice and opportunities for trading, with faster deal execution giving you the competitive edge you need to increase market share.