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All-in-One SNAP CRM for Brokers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not only one of the main areas that you can differentiate yourself from other brokerages but also it plays a vital role in the financial success of brokerage. 

Manage your client relationship life cycle in one place at no extra cost.

SNAP Broker CRM was developed for brokerages that wish to get rid of complexity and inefficiency as it allows you to manage all business in one place and enhance your brokerage operations. Our goals for you are clear: to refine your business process and to help developing strong client relationship and to improve overall profitability.  

Benefits of All-in-One SNAP CRM

  • All-in-One platform
  • Deep integration with MT4/MT5
  • Full Customization 
  • Lead/Partners Management
  • Report Capabilities 
  • AML  and KYC Capabilities

Contact us to find out how All-in-One SNAP CRM will save your money and time. 

  • Fully integrated into Broker Portal.
  • Manage all of your client emails, including sending emails and viewing email history through a secure, third-party email service.
  • Add tasks and events related to any contact and quickly see upcoming tasks and events on the CRM calendar.
  • Maintain CRM records for closed client accounts for future re-opening.
  • Organize all of your contacts into groups to more easily manage your business.