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COSS Collaborates with Snap Innovations to Strengthen Liquidity

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An MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed between COSS Pte Ltd and Snap Innovations signed on the 21st of Feb, 2019. This strategic partnership was established to further strengthen COSS liquidity and efficiency, as well and bring more quality projects aboard.

From left: Gary Koh(Head of Operations @ COSS), Henry Simpson(Head of Technology @ COSS), Rune Evensen(CEO, COSS), Dr. Ting Shang Ping(CEO, Snap Innovations), Bernard Ong(Partner@ Snap Innovations)

Under this partnership, Snap Innovations will be providing COSS with two key services:

  1. Market making – Market makers are large volume makers that place orders on both bid-ask sides to provide the liquidity that traders need to trade with better price discovery, as well as tightening the bid-ask spread. Market-making activities will take place against the majority of our listings on COSS, and that will increase the overall market efficiency on the exchange.
  2. Projects on-boarding – Snap Innovations will take on the role of on-boarding projects from their portfolio of companies into COSS, which means more quality projects listing will be on COSS in the near future.


COSS is a one-stop shop for all things crypto: an exchange, an e-wallet which supports a broad variety of tokens, a platform for ICO launches and promotional trading campaigns, a fiat gateway, a market cap widget, and more. COSS platform is intended to serve as a marketplace for fast, secure and straightforward transactions between users, as well as buyers and sellers.